15 Feb A Home at Harris Shoals

The ESP Miracle League Will Make Harris Shoals Park a Place for Every Ability

Last week at Big Hearts, we finally got to share the much-anticipated location of our Miracle League complex. ESP will be partnering with the city of Watkinsville to construct our new Miracle League Complex as an addition to Harris Shoals Park. Aptly themed, Big Hearts “at Bat” gave us the perfect opportunity to share with a crowd of the people who love ESP most. In between a performance by the Braves’ Heavy Hitters and our own participants’ story of The Hipsters, Laura and UGA Baseball Coach Scott Stricklin unveiled the location.

The $1.4 million project, funded by community donations, will include a playground, splash pad and fully-accessible baseball field that is available to all citizens. The city of Watkinsville and ESP have the same goal: maintain the integrity of the park while enhancing and advancing the fabric of the community.

“It is the city’s responsibility to ensure that our parks are accessible to people of all abilities. This means not only individuals with disabilities but people of all ages and walks of life. We believe the addition of the Miracle League Complex will help us accomplish this.”

Mayor Dave Shearon, Watkinsville

“We could not be more excited to join the incredible community of people that already call Harris Shoals Park home. The Miracle League complex will be a place for every single member of the Oconee County community. The dream is that this baseball field, playground and splash pad facilitate genuine friendships between all who love to play at Harris Shoals Park. After all, what bonds people better than playing America’s favorite pastime?”

Laura Whitaker, Executive Director

Over 300 communities throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Australia have enhanced their city parks through a public and private partnership with The Miracle League. The Miracle League has now provided innovative sports spaces for over 250,000 individuals of every ability – a number that will grow as the city of Watkinsville joins the list of communities positively impacted by the organization.

ESP is committed to fostering genuine friendships and memorable moments between all citizens who want to play and aims to see the bases loaded at the newly-constructed complex by Spring of 2020.

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