The Field

The Miracle League is focused on bringing America’s pastime, baseball, to kids of all abilities through specially-designed fields, equipment, and program models. The field uses a flat, rubberized turf that removes barriers for players with mobility challenges. Coaches and one-on-one buddies provide support to kids with both physical and intellectual disabilities transforming the game into one of full inclusivity and positive reinforcement.

The Playground

A fully accessible playground would provide opportunities for recreation and inclusion to our whole community. It has been proven that children of all abilities will engage in play together if there aren’t significant barriers to play in the environment. And children will continue to include kids with disabilities as they grow up.

The Splash Pad

The third element of ESP’s Miracle League complex will provide enjoyment and outdoor recreation for the entire area. The proposed splash pad would be fully-accessible and a point of pride for our community!

Miracle In the Making

Stay up to date with ESP’s Miracle League.

  • 26 Sep

    Small Moments, Big Impacts

    Last month, ESP finally got to share our big secret. ESP spent the summer building a relationship with The Miracle League with the vision of bringing a fully-accessible baseball complex park right here to our Athens/Oconee community. And this Sunday, ESP got to share the......

  • 24 Oct

    Cheyten At Bat

      ESP is currently working to build a local Miracle League park complete with a splash pad, an accessible playground, and a custom-designed baseball field. This inclusive recreational complex will serve children and young adults of all abilities within our community. The Miracle League is......

  • 15 Feb

    A Home at Harris Shoals

    The ESP Miracle League Will Make Harris Shoals Park a Place for Every Ability Last week at Big Hearts, we finally got to share the much-anticipated location of our Miracle League complex. ESP will be partnering with the city of Watkinsville to construct our new......

  • 11 Nov

    Matching for the Miracle League

    We’ve met our goal, but we aren’t finished yet! At ESP, we like to dream big. One of our biggest dreams yet is to bring our very own Miracle League to the Watkinsville community! The Miracle League brings the magic of accessible play to kids......


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